Before I start posting random, potentially totally unrelated stuff here I guess I’d better give a brief introduction on why I created the site.


Quite often I have found that I spend a lot of time trying to figure out even the smallest problems that I come across while working, learning or even playing! Most of the time it’s something simple that is stopping me from carrying on whatever it is that I am trying to do.

I usually google these things hoping to find a quick solution but can end up spending hours sifting through different websites, forum posts and blogs before I eventually figure out how to fix whatever it is I am having trouble with.

These are the sorts of things I would like to post about here in the hopes that I can save other people that lost time and frustration by combining my experience with all the info I have found on that particular issue in one place.

I also tend to forget these things after a while even after all the time and effort spent to figure them out, so when I come across the same issue I have to work it all out again. So this site can serve as a sort of personal knowledgebase for myself at the very least.

Hopefully anything I write here can be of use to someone!


Another reason for the site is that I may post progress updates to do with any projects I might be working on. This could be web/programming stuff, or even gaming related. More than anything I hope posting updates might help keep me interested in whatever it is that I’m doing!

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